If you have a free hour and a half, don’t waste it watching Dorm Daze. It’s a shame that the National Lampoon franchise has seemingly plummeted ever since Vegas Vacation, and that’s being generous.

Dorm Daze is equivalent to taking some of your favorite 1990s stars and making them fifth-year seniors who live in a dorm that looks like a frat house. It’s completely unrealistic in every sense, from the stereotyping of characters to the dorm rooms to the laundry room to the kitchen.

The film focuses on one day inside a dorm/residence hall/Neverland-esque place. The main conflict, which sends everything else out of whack, occurs when Styles McFee (Patrick Renna — better known as Ham from The Sandlot) hires a prostitute to come and take his brother’s virginity. The prostitute’s name is Dominique, same as a foreign exchange student from Paris coming to stay with a resident in the dorm. Shockingly Of course, this turns into quite the ordeal, sending the dorm into complete and utter chaos, full of confusion and cases of mistaken identity.

To make this movie seem even more realistic, they stick in a Mafia-type situation between a few of the residents. All of the plot lines are over the top and completely insane, making it painful to watch and impossible to engage with the film.

And if you thought Topanga in Boy Meets World was annoying in those early seasons, wait until you see Danielle Fishel as the insanely dumb Marla. It’s a shame such “famed” actors from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, American Pie, and Beverly Hills, 90210 felt like they were at the end of the fraying rope of Hollywood and signed up to do this film.

National Lampoon gave us some fantastic films throughout the past few decades, from Animal House to the days of Wally World in Vacation to the Christmas spirit of the Griswolds in Christmas Vacation. So if you’re in the mood for a gem from National Lampoon, stick to the ones prior to 1997.

Hanna Soltys is a green tea drinker and film critic living in Chicago.

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