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Assault of the Sasquatch by Matt Wedge – November 29, 2010
I couldn’t get past the fact that the missing link costume in a movie almost forty years old, that was made to look intentionally cheesy, could look more realistic than the Sasquatch suit in a modern film. Yes, I realize that the filmmakers had next to no money to shoot their Sasquatch magnum opus, but when featuring the creature so prominently, they could have spent at least a little money on a suit that didn’t look like a gorilla suit at a cut-rate costume shop.

Bad Biology by Matt Wedge – November 10, 2010
It’s incredibly hard to write about a film like Bad Biology in a tasteful manner without sounding like I’m talking around certain subjects. Since I don’t want to play coy about some of the more explicit subject matter, I will just urge anyone who is easily offended by overtly sexual discussions to stop reading. After all, if you’re bothered by my fairly dry descriptions of what happens in a movie that is soaked in sexual imagery, you’re not going to be interested in watching the film.

Rage, The by Matt Wedge – January 24, 2011
In this tale of a mad scientist who seeks to unleash a devastating virus that turns people into insane, flesh-eating monsters, special effects artist turned director Robert Kurtzman completely frees himself and the film from the constraints of logic or good taste. The result is a silly, graphically gory, tongue-in-cheek horror flick that offers up the truly original idea of zombie vultures. In my book, that earns a film more leeway than one that only offers up another tired variation on the infected zombie genre. It still doesn’t make it a good film, but it does make it a fun one.

Rampage by Matt Wedge – December 24, 2010
Rampage boasts solid, if unspectacular, credentials. On IMDb, it currently sits at a 6.4 out of ten rating. On Netflix, it has a surprisingly high 3.3 out of five rating. The cast is peppered with recognizable grade-B actors (Matt Frewer, Michael Paré) and some personal favorite Canadian character actors (Brendan Fletcher, Katharine Isabelle). Armed with this information, I crossed my fingers and made my first dive into the infamous world of Uwe Boll. I wish I hadn’t.

RoboGeisha by Matt Wedge – February 11, 2011
Whether I would have ended up watching the film on my own is debatable. Knowing my love for a good exploitation film, I probably wouldn’t have been able to avoid that title for very long. But if this film is an accurate example of what the genre offers, I may be able to avoid the other slickly titled options that I keep seeing on Netflix.