After spending time in prison, Silviu (George Piştereanu) has two more weeks before his release. He’s never had a problem in the past four years and he has the support of the Warden (Mihai Constantin) to ensure the next two weeks go smoothly.

Silviu learns that his estranged Mother (Clara Vodă) has returned and plans on taking Silviu’s brother to Italy. Silviu and his brother have an extremely close bond and it is apparent from the beginning how much Silviu needs his younger brother in his life. Due to Silviu’s rocky relationship with his mother, there is nothing he can do to make sure his brother doesn’t leave for Italy.

In order to receive your leave from the prison, you must complete an interview with a counselor of sorts. These questions make sure you are mentally stable to leave and return to society as anything but a menace. Silviu, and the rest of the inmates, immediately take notice of one particular counselor Ana (Ada Condeescu).

When Silviu learns there is nothing he can do to keep his estranged mother out of his younger brother’s life, he takes matters into his own hands. The scenes with Silviu and his mother are heated, passionate and full of hate. But you sit there realizing that Silviu does not want the responsibility of caring for his brother, but he sure doesn’t want his mother attempting to parent.

Ana and Silviu’s relationship is unlike any other you may have come across. It’s raw, fearful and extremely emotional. Piştereanu shines as this confused, mysterious and insanely smart inmate Silviu and will leave you wanting more.

Hanna Soltys is a green tea drinker and film critic living in Chicago.

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